Sunday, August 29, 2010

26: Newport Unlimited Regatta
We only sailed one race on Saturday. On Sunday we didn't leave the beach.
The one race we had was extremely light. We won the heavily favored boat end with Mike and Tripp to leeward. We lost a bit on them but held our lane until we could tack to the middle to stay in the breeze. We got some good pressure and rounded the first mark in second. The brothers caught us on the run sailing a little deeper. The next beat was tough. We got out left of the fleet and had the best pressure until the wind shut off everywhere. The current was setting us over the layline and we ended up setting spinnakers in the last 100 yards to the windward mark. Sandra got around us at the mark. We hit the mark but were able to do our circle going with the current so we didn't loose anyone. We finished fourth. Mike and Tripp won.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sailing in the Newport Unlimmited Regatta this weekend in a retro Nacra F18 with Cosomo. Should be fun to be out there with the C class catamarans.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

25: Merrick family picnic at the Fort Adams beach. Mom rented a J/22 to take everyone out sailing. I also got to check out the C Class Catamarans getting ready for the Little Americas Cup starting on Monday. The F18's were out racing around Block Island in light air. The first boats made it home around 6:30. Some will be arriving home in the dark.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rigging tips from Racine

Ring on the spinn clew sucks the sheets into the bag so they don't drag in the water.

Easy adjust clew plate.

Cunningham lead out to crew so skipper can adjust easily.

Adjustable forestay for on the water rake adjustment.
F18 NA's

Our house for the week was perfect for the long on-shore-postponements. We could see the club from the porch.

Friday, August 13, 2010

24: We drifted around for a while today but no racing.
23: No racing on Thursday but we did do some night sailing on Open Bic's.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

22: F18 North Americans
We had an up and down day today but not so good on balance. First race we had a decent start in light air and did an ok job connecting the puffs upwind. We were in the top five for a while but missed a few puffs on the runs and finished 13 th.
The next race we got fouled at the start and forced to the wrong side. We jibed at the top mark and sailed too high to the wrong side on the first run. I think we were in last or close to it at the leased mark. We got a few back but not many.
The third race we had a great start at the pin and were out in the top group going towards pressure on the left. The wind was picking up and we were actually double trapping. We were in second for three legs but missed a puff on the second run to loose a few boats. We got into some left pressure and hit a few shifts and got back a few to finish fourth.
The last race we had an ok start but got squeezed after a few minutes. We made two tacks and were looking ok. We got a heading puff and tacked on it but we should have continued left to more pressure. Instead we sailed out of breeze on the right and were deep at the first mark. We steadily gained boats the whole race to finish twenty something.

Monday, August 09, 2010

21: F18 North Americans
Only one light air race today. We pulled the trigger a bit late at the start and had to make a few clearing tacks. We got forced right and were deal at the windward mark. We had decent speed on the run and steadily gained boats but could only get back to about mid fleet.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

On The Water Anarchy Coverage
F18 North Americans
We have the boat all set up but it looks like it will be too stormy to sail today. No one is on the water and the weekend event was canceled for today.

Monday, August 02, 2010

19: Hyannis Regatta
Farrar and I finally sailed a regatta together.
We had two light air races on Friday. The first race we were doing well in second behind Tripp and Mike until we sailed into a header on the last beat while the fleet got lifted inside us. We finished with a 4.
In the second race we were not doing so well after a bad start but found a nice puff on the last run to move into third at the finish.
Saturday started off light again. We were over early in the first race and went back but the course was windward finish. We got in touch with the top group but couldn’t get past them before the finish. We were 8th. The next race had a bit more wind and building. We got a good start, had good speed and finished second. Unfortunately the RC then sent us in for the day.
Going into Sunday we were in second by one point. We hit a rock on the way out to the course and destroyed our starboard centerboard. We had the option to go in and get another board from our dealer but this regatta does not have any throwouts so that would have set us back a bunch. Instead John used his leatherman to saw off the bottom ten inches of the centerboard. It was a smooth cut so it wasn’t too slow. We were back and forth with Garth and Tyler throughout the day and ended up tied going into the last race. They sailed well to win and we finished the race in fourth to finish third overall. Mike and Tripp won again.